Thursday, October 20, 2011

Color Your World

Are you blue? How about fire-engine red? Are your days filled with school bus yellow? Perhaps they should be. The colors of your walls are more than decoration; they can impact your mood. Painting your walls is an easy way to update the look and feel of any room. By looking at the moods different colors create, you can choose a paint color that please your eyes and your mind. To choose a paint color, start with the purpose of the room. Will it be used as a study or a room to relax with your friends? Because every color creates a different mood, after identifying what mood you want to create, the color choice will follow.

Colors and The Moods They Create:

If you need to relax, blue will do the trick, especially if painted on large walls. Anyone with a stressful job looking for a peaceful, serene home space would do well to choose blue.
Good For: study, family room

Get your creative juices going! This is a great color if you're looking to generate inspiration or want to keep young minds active. An equally good choice for playrooms and boardrooms, orange is a color for rooms where thought is the first priority.
Good for: office, children's room

If you like to entertain and want a more festive feel, then yellow is for you. Add yellow to any room that needs a jolt of energy. Not only is it welcoming and inviting, it's also the most stimulating color. 
Good for: kitchen, bathroom, dining room, family room

A bold choice, and red is the color most often associated with passion and desire. Because of its strong shade, red is typically reserved for bedrooms, but it can also be used in any room that you'd like to add energy. Try a light red (pink) and add accents of darker red in carpeting or other decor. 
Good for: bedroom

Neutral Colors 
Sometimes, you want a room to be a blank slate for those who walk in to imagine their own possibilities, such as when selling your home. In this case, neutral colors such as white, tan, or cream with subtle accents work best. These colors will make your home feel well cared for without leaving too much of your own personality.

Consistency vs. Variety
It’s okay to change color from room to room if that’s your style. The key is to think about how you want to feel when you’re at home with your family and friends.  If you decide your style is having a variety of colors, make sure to find a fabric or artwork to help pull it all together. This will allow your home to feel cohesive.  A home that’s painted with this thought in mind, gives an impression of a well thought out design and smooth transitions. The key is to choosing a color is to decide what you want the feel of the room to be. Do you want a relaxing study or one that stimulates your thoughts?

Whether you’re looking to make a change with just your paint or a new home, feel free to visit the Jeff Benton Homes Design Studio for more paint and design tips in building your new home.


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