Friday, January 15, 2010

Don't take our word for it...

At Jeff Benton Homes, we like to think we do a great job servicing our customers. But we also know, in times like these, it's what the actual customer says that sets a company apart from the rest. For that reason, we ask our customers to weigh in on their homebuilding experience through a third party source, Guild Quality. Guild Quality surveys each and every home buyer once, at the midway point of construction (after the pre-sheetrock walk-thru) and again six months after closing on their new home. I can't describe the excitement I feel each time I see the words "Customer Survey Response" in the subject line of an email. My first thought is "did they like us?"...and then "why or why not?". The answer comes easy. Each home buyer is asked a simple question that by itself is all-telling, "Would you recommend Jeff Benton Homes, Yes or No". I'm pleased to say today our recommendation rating is 92.7%. Are the surveys always positive? No, not always. I think any feedback is good's how we continue to improve. So, for all of you who have responded to a Guild Quality survey, thank you! For up to the minute recommendation rating plus customer comments, go to

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